Borers are normally present in Baltic pine cupboards and floors and from time to time in radiata pine floorboards. Anobium borer doesn’t attack hardwood timbers. The flight holes (1 2mm) look like little nail holes that when sanded show up as squiggly lines on the outside. The larva makes the dust or frass that will come out of these holes.

Borers cause great damage to the pine timber floors and furniture. This is because the tiny larvae referred to as borers develop in the timber, eating their way out, resulting in the weakening as well as complete collapsing of furniture.

Signs of Wood Borers Infestation

  • Eggs of wood borers are found in fractures of wooden items, timbers and floorboards.
  • Wood borer larvae is generally a creamy white colour and curved in shape
  • Bore dust or frass is due to emerging adult beetles, typically apparent below the infested timber.
  • If you see damaged and weak floorboards in rare cases, a foot or chair leg going through the floor could signify a considerably more serious problem.
  • Crumbling wood around edges or corners of floorboards.
  • Tunnels in the timber, better known as’ galleries’ that are usually difficult to see.
  • Dead borers, generally discovered near the infested wood or perhaps around nearby windowsills.

How Serious are Borers?

    • Borers cause great damage to structural timber.
    • Borers harm the wood fittings as well as the furniture.
    • Borers strike and infect the sapwood and the hardwood. They bore the timber to place their eggs.
    • Several species of borers often attack bamboo and wood with high starch content in them including oak, ash, walnut mahogany etc.
    • Borers are common in houses that are new with hardwood items as window and door frames, flooring, paneling, and plywood.
    • Several of the borers species infest forests
    • Several of the species of borers serve as a second host as well as feed on rotten timber
    • One of its species attacks agriculture and forestry.
    • These attack logs in transport and storage and introduce fungi which attack the wood hence, spoils them.
    • There are some cases when borers may cause forest fires.

    Regular monitoring and inspections can help to identify a borers threat early to ensure effective and fast ways for wood borer infestation. This helps to decrease the chances of long term harm to your building structural and wooden items. Contact Select Pest & Termite Control now.

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