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Do I Need To Get A Pest Inspection Done Prior To Purchasing?

“I have a fresh out of the box new home with a concrete slab and a metal edge. I don’t think I need a termite inspection.”

Steel structures are termite safe, however unfortunately, not all materials that are constructed to it are. After some time, termites have created hungers for materials, for example, plasterboard, cabinets, inbuilt kitchens and robes, electrical links, entryway patios and anything else they can set their sites on.

It doesn’t stop there! Termites can burrow their way up a structure, eating your home en route to get to wooden pillars, rooftop supports, and the sky is the limit from there.

New Homes

The Building Code of Australia requires every new home and expansions have a termite board framework set up (aside from Tasmania where the termite hazard is minimal). Termite frameworks incorporate physical or concoction boundaries that are introduced/adjusted by expert termite controllers. These may incorporate a physical termite boundary, substance soil medicines or reticulation frameworks.

Without these termite restrictions being put in place a lot of homes would remain vulnerable to termite damage which can cause extremely expensive structural issues. A suitable termite barrier or reticulation system can provide a considerable amount of protection to your home and can usually be checked every couple of years without cause for an issue.

How often do i need to have it checked?

It’s recommended to have a termite review done once every year, or all the more regularly on the off chance that you live in territories with high termite hazard. Termite examinations are required to keep a few guarantees in place– so set aside the effort to peruse administration understandings and talk about this with your pest and termite control expert.

You secure your home against burglary, weather events and different accidents with the likes of insurance, why would you not protect it from termites?

Yearly termite examinations are extremely important for early signs of termite movement on the property to anticipate the potential for huge scale harm and costly fixes. Inspections will also survey the conditions that make a property progressively helpless to wood wrecking life forms and limit the danger of assault.

What occurs at a termite inspection?

Amid a termite review, zones are assessed both inside and outside the home. These incorporate available timbers under the house and rooftop, gardens, fences, trees and stumps, and some other structures or trees which are close to the building. An authorized termite controller will survey the property and any available termite boundaries and check in the event that they are still providing a strong repelling system. A report will be provided featuring any termite action. In the event that rectification work is required a recommendation and cost estimate will usually be supplied within the report.


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