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Flying termites signs and preventions

Flying Termites: Signs and Preventions

Termites are the little insects that could lead to severe harm to your properties mainly wooden items like doors, table, windows and more. The amount of trouble they are able to put us into is actually greater when they develop wings. Remember that many of the termite colonies start to swarm during the spring. Swarming is a method which takes place when a subterranean colony expands to a mature color. This flying termite swarm looks very terrifying but in truth, they don’t result in some type of structural damage. Here once again, the question comes up why should you be concerned about these flying insects.

Flying termites are among the clearest signs associated with a termite problem, as well as they can imply trouble for you and your home. If you one, it’s better to contact a Select Pest & Termite Control Melbourne

The swarmers aren’t bad for us. It’s offspring that tends to make them able to damage your property once they end up back again on the floor, wood or perhaps any kind of appropriate locations to initiate a brand new colony. While they don’t result in the issue however they give birth to a new termite colony which can lead to severe harm to your property. 

flying termites

When do termites fly?

Generally in the spring. You might have seen swarms of winged termites, particularly if the background air temperature start to increase. This particular change in climate triggers the young adult winged termites to emerge from their nests in big groups.

Why do termites fly?

Termites are able to fly but from the termite caste only’ alates’ can fly. These are equipped with the wings that make them fly. Generally, the spring and summer time have become the primary periods of humidity. The swarms of winged termites are usually witnessed particularly if the ambient air temperature starts to rise. 

What flying termites tells you?

In case you see flying termites near your home it could be a sign of the termite’s infestation. They are essentially the indication of the starting of a new colony. Swarming would be the means by which sexually mature winged termites actually leave their nest due to overcrowding or lack of adequate food. As soon as the male locates a female he wants, they break from the wings of theirs, symbolising that they’re a couple. The new couple then choose a nest area, mate, as well as become queen and king of a new colony. The queen has been known to live for thirty or more years.

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Ways to Lessen the Risk from Termite Swarms

Actions to maintain your house safe:

  • Regularly examine the exterior as well as subfloor aspects of your house for mud tubes & damaged wood, which are common symptoms associated with a termite infestation
  • Good housekeeping plus maintenance, mend some damaged soffits, roof tiles, or fascias
  • Keep basements, attics as well as crawl spaces properly ventilated and dry
  • Prevent the buildup of water by making sure downpipes as well as gutters are working very well to divert rainwater away from your house


If you have seen flying termites in your home, the sooner you call for help, the better. Contact Select Pest and Termite Control for professional termite control in Melbourne.

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