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get rid of white ants in melbourne

Getting Rid of White Ants in Melbourne

According to recent industry surveys, one-third of all properties that are unprotected are susceptible to white ants or termites attack.

Termites, which are often called “white ants” in Australia, can cause significant damage to timber structures, houses, and units. White ants are attracted to damp or moist areas and consume wood that can result to weakening of a building structure. Generally, house insurance does not cover damage caused by white ants infestation.

How to Identify Termite Activity

It is difficult to detect termite activity because it often happens in concealed areas, like the underground of the house. Our recommendation is to inspect and look around your house to identify any possibility for termite activity. The following are things you should look for:

  • As termites like damp or moist areas, look for changes in cornea fascia under gutters
  • Timbers that are weak and breaks easily and has wafer thin layers
  • Mud-like tubes around external footings/brickwork
  • Internal fittings like service pipes and electrical plugs
  • Cracks or holes in timber or plaster with a fine dust residue.

Proper termite identification is important. A professional pest controller can identify the species of termite that is found in your property correctly.

If you are suspecting of any termite activity, contact an expert immediately to conduct a full inspection at your house

What You Should Do if You Find Termites

If you find termites, contact an approved pest controller. Read the signs of termite infestation here.

Pest Controller, can recommend the best solution and treatment to termite infestation. These may include chemical spray options, reticulation and/or baiting systems.

Engaging to these pests yourself may cause more harm than good. Some would use surface spray of rip out floorboards. This is highly not recommended because by doing so you are reducing the probability of a pest control expert to treat the main nest. Also, by trying to solve this without the help of an expert, the amount of damage the termite could caused would have also increased, because termites would just retreat and regroup. There is a high chance that these white ants would attack another section of your house.

Termites regularly re-infest with multiple nests attached to the colony in a radius of more than 50 metres. If you found an infestation, you should immediately notify your neighbours and local council.

Pest Termite Control Methods

To learn the pest control methods in Australia, check out the infographic below.

Pest Control Infographic New

White Ants Control in Melbourne

At least once a year, an inspection should be carried out especially during high white ant activity; that is, from spring through to late summer – the perfect weather conditions for termite breeding and exploring. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable termite inspection service in Melbourne and surrounds, then look no further than Select Pest & Termite Control. Contact us to get advice on the treatment best suited to your particular circumstances.

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