While our name Select Pest & Termite Control implies a range of pest and termite services, let’s now take a closer look at the types of pests we actively treat for throughout the Melbourne area. There are many different types of unwanted and potentially dangerous pests that can find their way into your residential or commercial property, so calling in a professional team of Melbourne pest controllers is the right decision to make. We all know there are supermarket isles filled with cheap and nasty spray cans and over-the-counter treatments, but while these provide a quick fix, Select Pest & Termite Control will ensure that your property is free of pests and termites (and in a safe and family and pet-friendly way), as well as making your home or business as future-proof as possible.

The Types of species that Select Pest & Termite Control Treat For

Understandably, when dealing with a certain type of infestation, the course of action will differ from species to species, so after we come and survey the problem, we will then offer a full quote and list of recommendations, depending on the nature of the issue. We have seen all sorts of bugs, insects, vermin, and even arachnids in our time, so let’s now go over some of the types of pests we treat for.


While these pets may sound like one of the less serious problems to encounter in your home or business, ants can certainly make life difficult. Depending on the nature of the problem, whether the issue is contained to the external grounds or they have infiltrated the walls and have nested inside cavities, electrical areas, or even in the roof, Select Pest & Termite Control will rid your home or business of these common pests.

Bed Bugs

These little critters can be nasty, especially when you consider what they are attracted to and the reasons why they appear: blood. Be it human or animal blood, these nasty and highly irritable pests can surface in any home, and leave a decent pattern of bitemarks and skin irritation. So, if you’ve fallen victim to these unwanted little bloodsuckers, it’s best to get in touch with us.


Bees are often considered an important part of nature and the pollination process, but when they build a nest in or around your home of business, then attitudes understandably change. They carry a nasty bite and depending on whether or not you’re allergic, bees can be a serious, and in some cases, deadly problem, should they swarm. A nest and subsequent swarm of bees is the last thing you want in your family home, so if you’re noticing bee activity steadily increase, call Select Pest & Termite Control today.


These little creatures can be a real problem in either the home or your business. They are commonly known for attacking a range of timbers, including your timber flooring, both structural and decorative timber (with the potential to cause serious, long-term issues) and even your furniture.
Cockroaches: We all know about these guys. While there are different species that come in different shapes and sizes, ridding your property (and especially business) or a roach infestation is imperative. Don’t let these pests tarnish your reputation. Call Select Pest & Termite Control today to handle your cockroach problem.


These strange looking pests aren’t quite as common as some of the others on this list, and not as potentially dangerous, but they can still become an uninvited guest in your home or business. Typically found in moist conditions under logs or storage piles, Select Pest & Termite Control is the name to remember should you encounter this type of infestation.


While pet owners are always mostly diligent and responsible when it comes to flee treatment, the reality is that fleas can appear regardless. They suck the blood of warm-bodied animals, be it your beloved pet or their owners, and are often deposited in carpeted areas, your garden, or even under the property itself. Select Pest & Termite Control will come into your home or business and treat the affected areas and put in place a preventive action plan to keep them away.

Rats & Mice

These are probably the most unsettling types of pests, sheerly because of their size and the way they look to others. While some insects burrow or even hide during the large parts of the day, seeing rats or mice running around or hearing them scurry in the walls, is something you definitely don’t want. If that’s not bad enough, they can chew and gnaw through the electrical configuration of your home or business, adding to the risk of fire and short-circuiting.


These common pests are often found in old clothes and other fabrics, and are most active during the night hours. We have all come across the small bite marks in our shirts at some stage, so if you’re noticing silverfish activity, best call in the professionals.


Probably the most frightening out of the bunch, a common fear of spiders is well-documented. While some species are harmless, there are obviously dangerous and potentially deadly spiders out there that can wreak havoc in your family home. If you notice any spider eggs or webbing, call Select Pest & Termite Control today.


Like bees, wasps in isolation aren’t that much of a threat. However, most of us have felt the flutter of fear upon arriving home to notice the brown, almost aerated nest formation in one of the corners of our home or business. A nest of wasps, no matter the species, is a recipe for disaster, especially if you attempt to remove it on your own. If you have a wasp problem, call the professionals at Select Pest & Termite Control.

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