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professional bed bugs removal in melbourne
Bedbug is a common name for a bloodsucking wingless insects. Cimex lectularius, in the family Cimicidae. It is a small, flat and oval bug, reddish brown in colour, with an unpleasant odor. The bedbug infests houses, particularly beds. It often hides during the day and feed at night. Sucking the blood of humans and other mammals, it is both a pest and a carrier of dangerous diseases. Two to four generations breed yearly, depending on the temperature and the food supply. The larvae resemble the adult, and they mature in about 11 weeks. 

In Australia, bed bug infestation is recognised as a huge issue. After the year 1999, there has been a 5000% increase of cases. Moreover, nowadays bed bugs, which commonly infest houses and beds, have also spread in places like shops, planes, public transportation, accommodation, offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, cinemas.

Whilst there’s absolutely no proof to indicate that Bed Bugs transmit infectious disease, life threatening anaphylaxis might happen within a minority of instances where people show signs of serious allergy. Skin rashes and interrupted sleep patterns are a common complaint.

Bed bugs can infest your property for a long time without being noticed or seen, because they hide in dark places, such as deep inside a crevice in the bed frame or box spring, and they come out when we are asleep.

professional bed bugs removal in melbourne

How to Identify Bed Bugs

  • Bedbug is a bloodsucking wingless insect
  • Bedbugs is a small, flat and oval bug, reddish brown in colour
  • Bedbug has unpleasant odour
  • Bedbug infests houses, particularly beds
  • Bedbug often hides during the day and feeds at night.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Blood spotting on bedding, base, mattress, and also furniture and walls.
  • Live Bed Bugs (Adults & Nymphs) hidden in mattress seams folds bed bass etc.
  • Skin welts as well as irritation triggered by the bites.
  • Sweet musty scent (less apparent except in rare cases )
  • Shed Bed Bug skins as well as faeces in harbourage parts.
  • Bed Bug eggs around nymphs and adults.

Do not throw out your bed as this will not solve the infestation. A customised, thorough, professional treatment is required to have effective, complete and safe bed bug remediation. Call Select Pest & Termite Control on 041144 71 88 now.

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