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Professional pre-purchase inspections here in Melbourne

When it’s time to buy a house anywhere throughout the Melbourne area, one of the first things you should jot on your list of ‘to dos’ is talk to Select House Inspections.

Before committing to anything concrete, having as much information about a potential property is imperative to making a comfortable and informed decision. With Select’s pre-purchase home inspections, having the peace of mind that your new home is as safe and structurally sound as possible is absolutely vital, considering such a significant investment, and that’s exactly what we provide. Peace of mind. With that being said, we understand that the excitement and thrill of starting somewhere fresh may be alluring, blinding even, when scanning the property for subtle imperfections or potential safety hazards, so utilising the services of a professional building and pest inspection team such as Select House Inspections is always a good idea.

We carry out accredited building inspections all throughout Melbourne and offer our clients in-depth and detailed property inspections reports to assist in the decision making process.

Be it foundation concerns, minor defects, plumbing problems, timber pests, salt damp, or any other combination of commonly encountered issues, knowing everything up front will not only save you money in the long run, but also strengthen your negotiation position when dealing with real estate agents and other homeowners. 

Select House Inspections offer a range of inspections and reporting applications, but our pre-purchase house inspections here in Melbourne are some of the most important, considering the decision that is to follow. The last thing you want is your new dream home surrendering to defects or structural problems down the line, so getting in touch with us while in the process of buying a new house is a no-brainer.

pre purchased property inspections

How can Select House Inspections help you?

While the world of real estate can be a bit of a minefield, with sudden spikes or dips in the market, unforeseen financial burdens, and ongoing maintenance, there are ways to safeguard yourself before settling on such a life-changing decision. Select House Inspections is the perfect company for your pre-purchasing planning, as we have helped hundreds of families feel more at ease when committing to a new and exciting home.

Our team of building inspectors, coupled with our fully licenced pest controllers, make for the perfect combination of diligence, industry know-how, and ultra-professionalism, that will hand-deliver you as comprehensive a report as humanly possible.

While there are costs involved when securing the services of a Melbourne building inspection, they are inconsequential in the long run, should your home go undiagnosed. We have seen over the years, some glaring oversights where the defects that should have been picked up during a pre-purchase house inspection, went unnoticed or were inadvertently ignored, costing the home-owner tens of thousands of dollars down the line. We all know that buying a house is most likely to be the biggest investment we make in our lives, so going that extra step and hiring a team of building inspectors such as Select House inspections is an important part of the process.

What you can expect from Select House Inspections?

This comprehensive building report includes a complete inspection on the condition of the property including all sheds, fences and boundaries.

Our experienced Building Consultant will also identify and detail any structural defects and  safety hazards.

In addition to inspecting the structure of the property, We use all the latest available technology to inspect:

Internal and External: walls, doors, windows
The safety and compliance of any renovations
Moisture in the bathroom wall, drainage and plumbing
Driveway, paths and steps
Kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets and benchtops
Plumbing Fixtures and fittings, toilets, baths, vanity basins, sinks & taps
Electrical fittings, power points and light fittings
Stairs, balustrade and handrails
Roofing, gutters, valleys, downpipes, eaves, fascia, barges, skylights, vents & flues
Sarking Insulation
Surface water drainage

Select House Inspections’ Pre-Purchase Building Pricing: from $400

A small price to pay for what you would expect to be a lasting asset.


Timber Signs 5-Star-Review-Google
Great guy John, very helpful.

Chad Barrett 5-Star-Review-Google
Select House Inspections were recommended to me by my Conveyancer as honest, reliable and good value building inspectors. Indeed they are. Highly recommended!

Lauren Collins 5-Star-Review-Google
Excellent service. Very Detailed and prompt report!

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