Rats are nocturnal, that makes them to become harder to detect and catch. Nevertheless, they rarely stray from the nest of theirs and usually stick to well known paths. 

  • Rats is among probably the cleverest domestic pest
  • Rats are incredibly ingenious and adaptive, they feed on every human waste product, from trash to unsealed meal stores
  • Rats have intense sense of hearing, sensitive to ultrasound and a highly developed sense of smell.
  • Rats are extremely careful during foraging, choose bait off most snap snares without triggering it.
  • Rats transmit different kinds of pathogens, viruses and diseases in their urine and feces
  • When you see one rat or their droppings it’s time to take action
  • Rat droppings are shiny, black and blunt capsule shaped pellets
  • Rats nests appeal to mites to your house, after effectively eliminating rats from your house mites could migrate into your house in search of a brand new host
  • An expert integrated pest management program may be the fastest way to completely and quickly eradicate a rat infestation and provide you with safe, long lasting protection.

Generally, the first sign of a severe rodent problem is their dropping on the kitchen countertop, in kitchen drawers, kitchen cabinet, or the pantry. When one dwelling is infested, it is very likely the immediate neighborhood is infested too. 

That is exactly why rodents are very hard for one homeowner to control. Rodents are usually a local community issue. Effective control necessitates that every one home owners in a community cooperate to remove sources of food, shelter, and water. Rodents are persistent with their attempts to invade houses, even so you can cope with them successfully if understand their capabilities.

How do I know if I have a rat infestation?

  • Rats are stealthy nocturnal invaders, so a homeowner must be most vigilant after dark
  • If you see a live rat, it can mean that many more rats are out of sight
  • Rats might be spotted scurrying for shelter when startled by a loud or light noise
  • If you have seen rats during the day, it could indicate a severe infestation
  • A homeowner can use baited sticky traps to correctly evaluate the seriousness of a rat infestation.
  • Rat droppings are usually the first sign of an infestation in your home. They are shiny, black and blunt capsule shaped pellets
  • The most common place to find droppings are under sinks, behind stove, refrigerator, behind laundry machine and dryer, attics and basements, underneath couches, near garbage receptacles and recycling bins
  • Even in case you can’t see or perhaps hear evidence of rats in your house, their foul odour is a good method to figure out where mice are active

How Serious are Rats?

  • Rats are harmful pests and serious safety threats.
  • Rats can start fires by gnawing on electrical cables. 
  • They consume a lot of food and contaminate a lot more with their hair, faeces, and urine. 
  • They damage structures, even appliances, furniture, books, through gnawing and burrowing.
  • Rats are able to transmit diseases through the air from viruses in their fecal droppings and urine.
  • Rats forage for nesting materials and food during the night time, they might contaminate food preparation surfaces as well as food storage areas placing you vulnerable to contracting bacteria and pathogens they leave behind.
  • HPS Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a lung disease you are able to get by breathing in small particles polluted with rodent urine, droppings, and saliva.

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