Termite Detection Melbourne

When it comes to termite dection in Melbourne our team specialises in every aspect of termite control, detection and prevention. our team uses state of the art termite detection equipment which includes thermal imaging. Our thermal imaging can detect termites within your home without causing any damage before a suitable prevention technique is put in place.

We gather all of the informatiion required to assess your property and then relay the information to you in a clear and concise report along with our profesisonal recommendations. We take the time to ensure that the information that we provide is clearly understood by home owners along with our rectification recommendations. We invite you to ask us as many questions that you need to before we engage in any work to rectify your termite related issues.

I haven’t seen any termites, why would i need to have them detected?

Termites can hide deep within your home without you even realising. They essentially eat your home from the inside out so theres a good chance that if you can see them than they have caused you a significant amount of damage already. With the use of thermal imaging, a trained eye and a certified termite technician they can be easily identified prior to causing you damage.

What happens if termites are detected?

The next steps after termites are detected in your home is that we need to act very quickly on providing you with a solution. All of our technicians are equipped to provide an immediate rectification response after discussing potential issues with the home owner. Before we engage in any rectification work we provide you a clear rectification plan along with pricing so that you can be sure that the issue will be rectified.

Whether you’re building, buying or selling, Select House Inspections could potentially save you thousands!