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Termite Inspection Melbourne

Termite inspections in Melbourne need to be treated a little differently to most other locations due to being within a high risk category which leads to a high exposure of white ants potentially infecting homes around the city. Our termite inspection services are designed to complete a thorough inspection of your home to identify whether your home is currently at risk or currently under attack of termites.

Do you think you have termites? 

If you have noticed any potential damage around your home it is extremely important to act quickly as time is very much of the essence in most circumstances. The first thing that people will usually do if they find termite damaged wood in their home is to destroy it however, its important to leave it attached to your home as it is currently being targeted by the colony of white ants. If you disrupt the ants than there is a good chance that they will begin to move elsewhere in your home before you have a chance to rectify the situation.

Potential signs that you may have termites - Professional Termite Inspection Tips
termite inspections melbourne

Damaged Timber 

If you start to notice damaged timber around your home that feels lightweight, easy to break and pull apart with a hollow feeling to it – this is a strong indication of termites being present in your home.

Physically Seeing Termites 

Termites are usually thought to be creatures that will hide so well within your home that you would never see them however, if you look along fence lines, in old tree stumps around your property you may typically see them.

Termite Tracks 

Termite tracks look like dirt/mud casing tunnels that they build to provide protection from predators so that they can safely move around. If they are not underground than there is a good chance that they will build these tracks in humid places around your home.

How long does a termite inspection take?

A full and comprehensive termite inspection can take some time.  The size of the home and construction type, sub-floor/no sub-floor and size of the property itself are all factored into the total length of the inspection. If your home is a standard three or four-bedroom house, as a rule of thumb, a termite inspection will take at least 1.5 to 2.5 hours—or even more if there are numerous issues to deal with.

Whats in a termite inspection report?

Our termite inspectors look for faults in your home that may cause future issues, not only with termites but also with other problems such as leaking plumbing, wood rot, broken roofing, leaking roofs and garden issues. In our termite reports, we list all these issues and also our recommendations to fix the problems. The homeowner can rectify most of these issues.

 A full termite report should state that the termite inspection has been carried out according to Australian Standard 3660.2.2000. The termite report will describe the property and what areas have been inspected. It will also list all the areas that are unable to be examined (this usually is due to access issues). Our termite reports will list any termite activity and working (new and old) and record any current visual termite damage. The termite reports will note any present conditions that may encourage a termite attack, including such things as high levels of moisture, leaks, construction faults, gardens too high, structural timber in contact with soil, poor drainage or poor ventilation
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