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Best Termite Treatments to Keep Termites Away!

It’s quite common knowledge nowadays that termites can cause irrepairable damage to a home and this affect the overall integrity of your house structure. While most people avoid trying to think about it, termite damage is a real issue and millions of dollars of damages are caused each year. Should you have any reason for concern it is important that you contact a pest and termite control professional immediately.

There are numerous ways that you can treat or prevent termites from entering your property. All treatments are recommended and used depending on each properties circumstances however, to give you an idea and outline what they are, please see below:

  1. Soil Treatment: Treating the soil around your house will act as a termite barrier and is applied by digging a barrier in the form of a trench and applying a termiticide will kill any termites in the house as they come back to the soil to nest. The trench is usually inspected and the treatment refilled each year.
  2. Wood Treatment: A surface spray, injection or foam is typically used on wooden surfaces within the home to prevent infestations from occuring and will also typically eliminate any existing termites that are in the home. Treatments are usually done during the construction phase of the home and injections or foam are done after the home is built. Treating the wood will still require the home owner to undertake inspections and apply preventative measures on a yearly basis.
  3. Bait Systems: Similar to most pest control bait systems, bait systems will be installed around the perimeter of the home and will be frequently monitored to review termite activity.




These are just a few ways of effectively protecting your home from termites and preventing further damage to your home’s structure.

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