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Professional Termite Control Services Melbourne – and Surrounding Suburbs

Termite Detection 
Our specialist termite detection specialists thoroughly look through a property to see if there is any evidence of termite activity or exposure. Depending on the finding we will provide a report or offer a rectification solution.

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Termite Treatment Solutions 
If you are looking for a solution to treating termites at your property than we can provide certainty that we can get the job done for you. We efficiently treat and prevent termites from accessing your property.

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Termite Protection
Protect your new home with suitable termite protection that meets the current industry code and standards. We ensure that all of our properties are safe and secure.

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Termite Control Services Melbourne  – Ensuring that your property remains secure.

Termites may be small however, they can make a substantial impact to your property and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. The worst part is, most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by termites and if termites were able to damage something structural on your home than rectification costs can sky rocket substantially. Termites will usually inhabit areas close to the coastline of the Australian borded which puts Melbourne and the surrounding coastal suburbs in the high risk category.

Our termite control services have been ethically designed to ensure that your home remains structurally sound and a thorough inspection of your home will be completed including your yard and fenced area as once termites find a path to your home, they will start munching away at anything they can find.

Professional Termite and Pest Control Services in Melbourne You Can Rely On

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Our friendly team consists of highly skilled, professional people who take the time to communicate with you and discuss any concerns you may have.


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With our experience, you can be confident of attention of care taken out on your property.

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