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Selling a house is stressful and it can become even more stressful and suspend the entire process if you discover defects you were not aware of.

By obtaining a Select Home Inspection Pre-Sale Inspection you are better prepared for a hassle-free sale, and the repairs you carry out can be used as tool to negotiate a better price.

The resulting detailed report will note:

  • Any defects and recommendations of how to rectify
  • The overall condition of the property including all boundaries, fences and external buildings

Select House Inspections’ Pre-Sale Inspection Pricing: from $500

A small price to pay for peace of mind and give you the edge in a competitive market.

If you are thinking of selling your home, and you aim to sell it in a price worth its value. Then you will need the services of pre sale inspectors. The following are the benefits of getting certified pre sale inspections when selling a house.

  • Avoiding delays when problems were discovered by prospective home buyers
  • Added expenses
  • Losing prospective home buyers
  • Provides purchasers the comfort of an unbiased third party opinion.

Tips and Advice on Selling Your Home Fast

Here are the finer details that you will have to consider if you plan to sell your home at the right price.

Worth of the home

Start finding out how much your home is worth. You can determine its worth using three things. These are the current appraised value, the tax assessed value and the actual market value. Tax assessed value is the number showing on your tax statement for your property. This might not reflect the full value of your home. The current appraised value will need you to get in touch with an appraiser to help deduce the worth of your home. Actual market value is a price based either on how much you are selling your own home for or how much people are willing to pay for the home. Whichever the pick, you still can manage to get a good price for your home. Just go the extra mile to research on all three to ensure that you find the best price.

Avoid high listing

One of the mistakes many homeowners make when selling their homes is inflating the value of the home when listing. It’s because they think it gives them a negotiable leverage. Professional realtors never use such practices nor should you. People will be less inclined to buy your home once they are aware of its market value.

Spruce it up

Minimize on all personalize elements. Instead, give a more open appeal that will make it have unlimited possibilities of what can be done with all the available rooms. Curb appeal is the name of the game. Therefore, a little prep before listing will go a long way in helping sell your home fast. Also, keep in mind that you will need to fix a few things, declutter or organize the available space and keep the home clean.

Have all paperwork in order

It will make little sense if you are planning to sell your home without all the necessary documentation in order. You need to have the documentation on taxes, mortgage and other legal papers that show your ownership. You will also need to have your real estate attorney aware of your intentions to sell. This is in order for your attorney to make the necessary arrangements.

Get Your House Inspected for Possible Defects

It is easy to think that your home is perfect. And why not! It is your castle. However, the harsh truth is that it only is a reflection of your personal tastes. Hence, you need the service of a pre sale home inspectors can help facilitate a quicker sale for more money. They can also avoid last minute fall throughs or re-negotations. Most importantly, you will be aware of your house’s existing problems, providing you with the possibility to deal with them currently with competitive pricing. You can also protect yourself from over-inflated buyer procured estimates. A pre sale home inspectors work with you on the report if there are things you want to repair. This way you can reduce your liability with full disclosure.

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