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You want to be sure that your newly built home is (preferably) defect free, and those areas which aren’t, need to be identified and detailed in a report which clearly recommends rectification.

Our experience has proven that many areas not covered by the Australian Standards (AS4349.0) are constantly being flagged as defects, so we ensure our duty of care extends to these areas as well:

  • Minor defects
  • Fixtures and fittings: Windows and sliding doors, Ceiling fans / exhaust fans, Floor coverings, cabinets, smoke alarms, internal doors, fireplaces / chimneys

Our defects report clearly outlines what your builder needs to rectify

We understand you need feedback as soon as possible following the inspection – your building consultant will call you with the result followed by a detailed report the next business day.

Book a Select House Inspections Pre-Handover Inspection before handing over your final payment.


New Home Handover Inspections: Tick all the boxes with Select House Inspections

There’s nothing more exciting than building a new home. With a new chapter in the wings, a fresh start, and an opportunity to design your own living space, building a new home is certainly one of life’s major milestones. With that being said, it isn’t always smooth sailing. At Select House Inspections, we come across new homes all the time that are in need of further work, with minor and sometimes major defects present after the build. While professional building inspections come with the territory whenever new homes are built, our team of Melbourne-based building and property inspectors will go that extra mile to ensure your new home is as structurally sound and defect-free as possible. We follow all the strict building codes that are associated with new home builds and the building industry as a whole, and provide our clients with the most detailed and insightful building inspection reports available. Having all the information in the palm of your hand certainly adds to your position amid the handover process, so trusting a recommended Melbourne property inspector such as Select House Inspections can only be a good thing.  

While other building inspectors may offer similar services, our experience has proven that many areas not covered by the Australian Standards (AS4349.0) are regularly being flagged as defects, so Select House Inspections promise our duty of pre-handover responsibility extends to these often-overlooked areas as well. We search from top to bottom, inside and out, for possible defects (no matter how subtle), as well all the fixtures and fittings including, windows and sliding doors, ceiling fans/exhaust fans, floor coverings, cabinets, smoke alarms, fireplaces and chimneys, as well as the inside doors.  We are this thorough and this vigilant with our pre-handover house inspections in order to confidently sign off on your new home to ensure the best possible situation for everyone involved. Building a new home can be a stressful period, and unforeseen costs can certainly arise, so that’s why hiring Select House Inspections to take the guesswork out of any possible pitfalls down the line makes sense.

A small cost now could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars later.

Complete Peace of Mind: Trust Select House Inspection’s pre-handover reports when the time comes

Our building and property inspection reports will clearly identify any immediate issues, as well as offering a list of recommendations and advice, should we come across anything that could become a possible red-flag. Our team of building inspectors and pest control experts will come in and survey the property, and then objectively detail a building report on the basis of what they see. Not having an emotional connection to the home certainly goes a long way in this business, as having both a professional and neutral vantage point allows us to compile our building reports unopposed and unencumbered. Our final inspection reporting is regarded as some of the best in Melbourne, and a system that has saved many families some serious financial pain. While there may be a sense of urgency and excitement amid the handover period, ticking this last and vital box is one that shouldn’t be ignored. House Select Inspections is essentially there for you, to assist and streamline the process a new home-handover. If you’re planning to build or have already started, talk to Select House Inspections today to see how we can assist with the pre-handover inspection. It will save you time, money, and offer the type of reassurance and comfort that will have you and your family sleeping soundly at night.

When it comes to property inspections in Melbourne, the name you should remember is Select House inspections. Let’s talk.

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