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earwigs problems in melbourne

How To Identify Earwigs

  • Earwigs adults range in size from 5-25 mm.
  • Earwigs have elongated and flattened body shape
  • Earwigs are dark reddish brown in colour
  • Earwigs have shiny exoskeleton
  • Earwigs legs are pale yellow in colour
  • Earwigs are winged but they rarely engage in self-powered flight
  • Earwigs use these pincers for defense and also for sparing with rival earwigs.

How did I get earwigs?

Earwigs move into homes to get food or due to a difference in weather. They normally end up inside while seeking shelter or just wander inside through doors that are open. Earwigs favor cool, moist areas and could enter homes during prolonged dry periods.

How do I know if I have an earwig infestation?

earwigs problems in melbourne

  • Earwigs are a beneficial and common insect that resides in the soil around the home
  • Earwigs demonstrate aggregation behaviour and will collect in huge congregations and clumps in moist dark areas 
  • If you notice one earwig it doesn’t mean that there is a full scope infestation
  • In case you start seeing big groups of earwigs far more often it might be some time to think of contacting an experienced pest control services

How serious is an earwig infestation?

earwigs problems in melbourne

  • Earwigs are very common as well as advantageous species when present in average numbers in the garden
  • If earwigs numbers grow to be invasive they might have to be controlled
  • Earwigs secrete a quinone abundant substance that will result in skin irritation and stain surfaces and fabrics
  • Earwigs create a foul odour when disturbed
  • Earwigs is damaging to crop installations
  • Earwigs are noted to pinch mankind with their pincers but their pinch isn’t really painful and doesn’t contain some venom or irritant
  • Earwigs don’t spread pathogens, parasites or bacteria through the pinch of theirs
  • Earwigs might put pathogens, parasites or bacteria on food preparation or perhaps storage surfaces built up on their leg hairs while foraging


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