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7 most important reasons why you should do pest control

Most Important Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Pest Inspection

Properly maintaining your house means having a regular check for repairs, doing the needed measures to protect it from pests, as well as tidying your home.

The main problem with pests is that, as soon as you see one, there’s a high probability that they’ve already nested in your home. The time you see a single rodent, cockroach, spider, or white ants, there are likely several more of them living between the walls of your house, under your cabinets, in your pantry, or even in the attic.

However, just cleaning of your house frequently won’t be enough to get rid of pest invaders. The same goes for do-it-yourself treatments, you can’t keep away and get rid of pests effectively using these DIY treatments. Most store-brought and home remedies treatments might appear to get the job done, but in fact it only attack the tip of the iceberg and its not safe for you and your family. You will probably end up spending more and not even making an impact. That’s why it is important to contact a pest control professional at the very first sign of a pest invasion. Read the common signs of pest invasion here.

What could you expect from a pest inspection? In a pest inspection, an exterminator is going to survey your home’s most susceptible areas for signs of pest activity, like droppings, scratch marks, or even live pests. After that, they will create a report for you on the current state of your home, its current risk of infestation, and its current state of infestation. They will also provide recommendations on how you can eliminate pests or how you can keep your house pest free.

Here are some examples of damage caused by termites from a recent pest control inspection. Usually, this type of damage is camouflaged within the timber until inspected and revealed by Select Pest & Termite Control.

Pest Inspections Melbourne

Therefore, we have listed the top reasons why it is advised that every homeowner consider to have regular pest control inspection to keep pests at bay.

1. Pests pose health risks

Some of the most common pests, like rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ticks can transfer infection and diseases. Rats and mice carry virus and cause diseases like typhoid fever, Leptospirosis, and Rat-bite Fever. Ticks carry Lyme disease. Mosquitoes act as a carrier of the Zika virus, dengue, and others. It is impossible to know if a pest is carrying a disease or not, which is why it is best to err on the side of caution. This is why it is necessary to hire professional pest controllers and get rid of any such sources which are capable of making you sick.

2. Pests can damage your property and belongings

Termite Melbourne

Many pests discover their way into your home in the first place because they have found a source of food. In any case, pests can be very destructive. Rats chew through things like wood, brick, cement, lead pipes, and even other smaller animals to keep the normal length of their teeth. Carpenter ants and termites eat through wood and equipped for destroying your home. They can damage or weaken your property and hurt the integrity of your home. Worse is they hide within the walls, so they usually cause huge damage before anyone even notices their existence. Carpet beetles and silverfish are attracted to organic fibers, hence they love to munch on your belongings and causes damage to items like clothing, blankets, couches and towels.

Our pest control professionals are trained to survey the area in and around your home, to do termite inspection, and to keep pests that you might not even be aware of under control. are trained to remove these tiny creatures from your property. . If you don’t control even the smallest pests, they can do real damage in and around your home.

3. Pests Control keeps your food safe and healthy

Pest can contaminate your food or utensils.

Pest control is very important in commercial settings, particularly when it comes to food. If you are running a restaurant, if they can find their way in, then they not only can eat your reserves but they can also get you into trouble with food inspectors. To make sure that your food supplies stay safe and pest-free, hire a Select Pest and Termite Control to close up all the ways that pests make their way in from the outside.

In residential homes, pests such as ants, meal eating moths, and rodents will find their way. Rodents could contaminate your food or utensils with rodent urine or faeces. If you eat food which has been contaminated by their larva or egg, there are chances that you will be affected by diseases. To keep your food safe and healthy, then it is highly recommended to hire professional pest controllers.

4. The best way is to prevent them

Even if you don’t see see some noticeable signs of termites, scorpions, ants, bed bugs or rodents in your home, they can be lurking around and starting to grow in obscure areas that you do not usually see.

Pests grow in number rapidly. A number of six rodents are able to multiply to almost as sixty in only three months.

Regular pest inspections in Ivanhoe are able to detect pest threats at an early stage. This allows you to take action that is necessary to contain the infestation before it surely goes out of hand as well as cause major harm.

5. Financial Protection

Pest problems can lead to financial setbacks, since expenses for repairs and extermination will all come from your pocket. Unfortunately, your homeowner’s insurance policy can’t help you out in this particular situation since it does not provide coverage or benefits for repairs and damages brought on by pests.

Essentially, the insurance company views a pest infestation as well as any damage caused from it to be a maintenance problem, that is a part of your responsibility as a homeowner.
So because of pest infestation, your budget might wind up with a big dent since you’ve to spend out of pocket for every one of these expenses for repairs.

Regular pest inspections can prevent that from happening. Apart from getting rid of unpleasant creatures, additionally, they help protect your finances from bigger costs which could come from pest problems.

6. Value Preservation

Since professional pest control services assist with early detection as well as treatment of pest infestation, they are able to help protect the worth of your house.

In case you are considering selling your property, try to see to it that the house is actually examined for any signs of pests and be sure to have creatures exterminated before you put it on the market, so you can avoid last minute fall throughs or re-negotations.

7. Peace of Mind For A Pest Free Home

There are lots of things you need to worry about, whether you’re managing a home or a business, pest management should not be among these. The cost of hiring professional pest controller is worth the cost of getting the reassurance that your residence or your business establishment is pest-free.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Call us now to eliminate all your worries and inconveniences to keep your home or business pest-free.


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